Design Data and Costs

Your Golf Putter Design:
  • Custom golf putter head style / shape / cosmetics based on your personal name, business name / logo, symbol, geometry, alignment, language, or other
  • Custom markings and text engraving
  • Custom head weight
  • Custom face loft
  • Custom lie (head / shaft angle)
  • Custom sit.
  • Head or head + shaft balanced
  • Alternate shaft attachments:
       No hosel, exposed hosel, semi-concealed hosel
  • User preference shaft type and length
  • User preference grip
  • Concept-sketch design
  • 2D Design Development
  • 3D Design Development: profile, weight, balance
  • Fabrication / parameters analysis
  • Head cutting
  • Hosel & face-plate cutting, if applicable
  • Hand finishing / polishing
  • Shafting and gripping
  • Head cover making
Head Weight:
  • From 8 oz. to 15 oz.
  • Face loft:  4, 6, 8 degrees, or other
  • Shaft angle / lie:  90 to 50 degrees
  • Shaft type:  straight or pre-bent
Your Golf Putter Head Cover Design:
  • Shape to suit putter head profile
  • Fabric with padding
  • Color: customer preference
  • Embroidery: desired name, logo, symbol, colors
  • Head covers made for Reinhard Putters by:

Player Measuring Tool

  • Solid aluminum, brass or bronze
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Inserts options
See 'Publications' page.
A few USGA Golf Putter Design Requirements
  • Max putter head width:                                7” (4” – 5” average standard)
  • Min putter face width:                                  1/2 of putter head width and 2/3 of putter head depth
  • Max putter head depth:                               Less than putter head width
  • Max putter face height:                                2 1/2” (1” average standard)
  • Max face loft:                                                 10 degrees (3 – 4 degrees average standard)
  • Min shaft angle (lie):                                     10 degrees (19 - 20 degrees average standard)
  • Shaft bends / offset:                                     Within 5” from base of putter
  • Overall putter length:                                   54” maximum (changing soon).
                                                                                (36” men’s standard; 35” women’s standard)
Putters cannot be used in official USGA events unless they are pre-approved by USGA.
Other USGA design criteria not mentioned above may apply.
USGA rules vary periodically.
Design Standards:
  • The initial concept design of the golf putter will be by customer and will be exclusive and unique to each customer.  Reinhard Putters  will develop the concept / design / style into an actual putter.
  • Putter head designs may be of informal, formal, and / or artistic design, but must be in good taste.
  • Golf putter design shall nominally be within USGA guidelines.
  • If full compliance with USGA is desired, up-to-date official USGA guidelines, including approval submission requirements, shall be investigated.  This effort and any related submission requirements work (submission filing, fees, extra putter copy, etc.) are not included in work / fees quoted herein.
Variables to be determined by Customer
in cooperation with Reinhard Putters:
1.   Name, graphics, logo, symbol, basic shape, design character, etc.
2.   Small text on face or body of putter such as business or personal name, address, or other
3.   Dexterity: Right or left handed
4.   Overall length of putter
5.   Desired shaft type: Straight, pre-bent
6.   Grip type: Size, thickness
7.   Hosel type: None, exposed, semi-concealed (see illustrations @ Technical Data tab)
8.   Lie Angle and Ground Sitting (see illustrations @Technical Data tab)
9.   Face loft
10.  Putter head width, putter face width
11.  Putter head depth
12.  Putter face height
13.  Putter weight
14.  Balance type: Head, head + shaft (see illustrations @ Technical Data tab)
15.  Visual alignment / mis-alignment correction features
16.  Primary putter material: (aluminum, brass, bronze)
17.  Inserts (face, body accents)
18.  Information and graphics to be placed on putter head cover
Sequence of Tasks and Costs:
1.  Contact Reinhard Putters (RP) stating interest in a custom fit - custom golf putter.
2.  Provide a verbal concept description and/or optional simple sketch drawing of your putter concept / design / style.  (RP)  will briefly evaluate the viability of putter design / fabrication and advise if the design is feasible.
3. (RP) will assist you in refining your verbal description and sketches into a more developed design incorporating desired variables 1-18 above as part of Steps 6, 7, and 8 below.
4.  (RP)  will provide a schedule of work.  Duration of work is approximately 6 -12 weeks after agreement to proceed has been given.  Fees for each phase shall be paid prior to each phase.
5. All communication shall be by e-mail, with sketches, drawings, and other information sent electronically.  Customer’s prompt responses to variables (1-18 above) and any (RP)  questions and comments are paramount for continuity of work.
6.  Concept Sketch
Hand sketches to create / refine
concept (up to 3 sketches).
Fee: Free
7.  2D Design Development 
Refine preferred hand sketch concept into 2D Design technical drawing(s)
Fee: $250.00
8. 3D Design Development:
Refine and modify 2D Design into 3D Design model drawing(s), coordinating design concept, weight, balance, and hosel *
Fee: $1250.00

3-D Photo-realistic Design Image

* Note: Many more drawings than those illustrated above are created to define all parts of geometry - - top, bottom, front, sides, inserts, hosel, accessories, engravings.  Volumetric / weight calculations are calculated at various stages to verify that desired head weight is achieved.  It is the weight analysis and calculations that determine the final profile of the putter head.
  • The cost of fabrication will be quoted at this time.  Ranges are as quoted below.
9.  Fabrication:
    a.  Fabrication analysis
    b.  Materials purchase (metal stock, shaft, grip, accessories, inserts)
    c.  Fabrication
         (Actual fabricated model may have minor variations from final design due to final fabrication                        requirements)
    d.  Finishing / polishing
    e.  Golf putter head cover: Designed with customer participation
    f.   Shafting
    g.  Gripping
 Fabrication Fees:
  • Starting at $3000.00, depending on design complexity.
  • Geometry - Alignment putters are in the $3000.00 range;
  • Name, Text, and Logo putters, illustrated herein, are in the $3500.00 - $4500.00 range;
  • Specialty and complex putters (such as Marble golf putter) start in the $5000.00 range).
10. What is included:
  • Putter head materials (metals, inserts, etc.) are included in fee above.
  • Stainless steel shaft is included in fee above.
  • Grip is included in fee above ($20 max. cost).  Customer may select a putter grip on-line and forward the link to (RP) who will in turn purchase the grip. 
  • Head cover is included in fee above.
11.  Payments:
  • Payments in the USA will be accepted via PayPal Online Invoice.  Payments made via PayPal Online Invoice will be surcharged PayPal's 2.9% processing fee.
  • International payments shall only be via Paypal Online Invoice and will be surcharged PayPal's international 6.4% processing fee, plus any international duties, taxes, and/or tariffs.
  •  Work will not be performed until funds are received.
12.  Delivery:
  • Completed putter delivery (within continental USA) is included in fee above.  Delivery outside USA will be added at cost plus a nominal handling charge.
  • Package will be insured for the total fees amount, be delivered to a customer-desired address, and a receipt signature card shall be included with delivery order to assure proper delivery.

U-Design I-Build        Custom Golf Putters        "Design Build" golf putters for the Golfing Professional

Your idea, concept, style, name, text, logo, and geometry plus options and preferences, designed and built
into a custom fit one-of-a-kind custom golf putter made from a solid block of aluminum, brass or bronze.