Contact Reinhard Putters (RP)  via e-mail stating interest.  Provide a verbal concept description or simple sketch drawing of your putter idea, concept / design / style, name, logo, or other.  (RP)  will briefly evaluate the viability of putter design / fabrication and advise if the design is feasible.  If so, if you desire to have a putter made, and if the work schedule is acceptable, (RP)  will assist you in developing your concept into an actual putter.
From then on, there will be a team-like exchange of ideas, sketches, photographs, drawings and other information via e-mail until the design is developed into a buildable putter that is a custom putter for you in all respects. 

                 Frequently Asked Questions

“Why should I spend +$5000.00 on a putter when I can buy a good putter for $100 - $300?”
>Any custom one-of-a-kind product is for persons who want specialties and/or exclusivities not available in mass-produced products.
>Unless you thoroughly know your own golf’s strengths and weaknesses, stay with commercially made products.  Most of them are very good and reasonably priced.
“Why is the price so high?”
>Each putter is individually designed and fabricated one-of-a-kind.
>As quoted in a business article, a commercial putter manufacturer spent close to a $1,000,000 in the development of their putter line.  By subsequently mass-producing 10,000 equal units (common production run quantity) and selling them at $200.00 each, that makes $2,000,000 in gross receipts, just for the first 10,000 units.  So, in order for a putter to be $200.00, thousands of copies would have to be made.
>As quoted by a TV commentator: “One million dollars were spent to have Yonex, a club making company, develop the custom driver used by Japan’s Ryo Ishikawa during the 2010 US Open”.
“How does the quality of Reinhard Putters compare to a Ping or Odyssey putter?”
>Commercial putter companies have excellent resources, equipment and quality.  If you want their quality, contact them and order an exclusive one-of-a-kind club just for you.  They will be most happy to accommodate you but be prepared to shell out money like Ryo Ishikawa.
>Quality - - let the illustrated samples speak for themselves.
“I spent $40 for customizing my $175 store-bought putter’s shaft lie and for having my name stamped on the putter head. - - $5000? Outrageous.”
>’Customizing’, better know as ‘personalizing’ is when a company has a ‘mass-produced’ product tweaked or labeled for a customer.  (Customizing / personalizing is frequently done by a second or third party).  Conversely, a ‘custom’ product is a product that is fully custom in most respects, many times starting from scratch.  The efforts, logistics, and costs are completely different.
“Is it tax deductible?”
>As unofficially verified with an (USA) IRS tax auditor, if designed with your business name / logo and used to promote your business, it should be deductible as a marketing expense.
“Will I putt better?”
>A custom tool designed for your physique, stance, technique, tendencies and other attributes may lessen your weaknesses and improve performance.
“Do you make putters out of steel?”
>No.  Cutting and finishing steel is a more laborious and steel is ferrous (will rust).  So a cosmetic finish of some sort, such as automobile grade paint (plus a top coat), is required.  These conditions would make your one-of-a-kind putter even more expensive.
“Why do you provide putting tips (self evaluation of putting techniques)?  Isn’t that out of the scope of putter making?”
>The more informed a person is about a particular subject, the better their decision making will be.  That translates into a better putter design.


Below are on-line displays and publications of 'Customer Success Stories'
by equipment and material suppliers used by Reinhard Putters.

     PUTTERS by other putter makers that may interest you.

U-Design I-Build        Custom Golf Putters        "Design Build" golf putters for the Golfing Professional

Your idea, concept, style, name, text, logo, and geometry plus options and preferences, designed and built
into a custom fit one-of-a-kind custom golf putter made from a solid block of aluminum, brass or bronze.